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Sumber :, 8 September 2014

PT Petrosea Tbk has been designing, building and mining in all corners of Indonesia since 1972 and today is recognized as one of Indonesias leading engineering, construction and mining contractors. Thanks to the imagination and commitment of more than 3000 staff, Petrosea has secured a growing portfolio of projects throughout Indonesia and the region.

Petrosea has access and support to world class management and project delivery systems which allows Petrosea to deliver international excellence to the Indonesian market.

We are currently taking applicants for the following position:


(Jakarta Based)
Providing OGS management with accurate / current and concise analysis of factors that might impact strategic business plan of oil and gas services, such as competitor and financial analysis relating to prospects of oil and gas services, and operational performances of business lines under Directorate of OGS. Additionally, to assist daily and ad hoc activities of Business Improvement Dept. in identifying risks and opportunities which contribute achievements and improvements of OGS.

• Min 3 year working experience as analyst or consultant is preferable.
• Min Bachelor degree in Finance or Commerce.
• Excellent oral and written English.
• Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of staff in the organisation.
• Possess structured thinking and competent in the use of standard Microsoft Office products such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio
• Ability to develop clear, concise and accurate report summaries.
• Excellent business analysis skills and strong financial modelling skills.
• Preferable to have experience working for companies supporting oil and gas sectors
• A team player
• Experience in working with cross functional teams
• Good prioritisation skill and able to meet business deadlines.

1. Research and develop clear, accurate and up to date reports in order to identify all key indicators that potentially impact business of Oil and Gas Services.
2. If required, together with Commercial or Business Development Dept. to establish and develop financial models including sensitivity analysis on potential / prospects to identify business targets / opportunities.
3. Review and analyze competitor market share, strategies, market players, performance and potential competitors to determine strategic plans of Oil and Gas Services.
4. Monitor and support management of OGS and its projects in implementing strategic business improvement initiatives.
5. Align with related functions, to execute and provide assistance in preparing and evaluating capital budgeting. Additionally, to provide indicators of any significant variances of major drivers.
6. Create well-ordered timeline for annual budgeting (and re-budgeting) and provide support in the development of budgeting process (by analyzing trends of major cost & revenue drivers). In addition, to ensure assumptions used are sound.
7. Perform cost / benefits analysis to compare targets and actuals of operating programs / projects within OGS.


(Site Based)

Performs routine maintenance, installation and integration of various types of process control of FMS software such as FMS system administration, instrumentation equipment of FMS hardware such as FMS display, FMS antenna, dispatch area, and Radio Wireless systems such as Switch, LAN and network portable tower to make FMS system running well.

1. Min diploma degree in Information Technology, Bachelor degree are preferable
2. Min 3 (three) years of experience in Electrical/Instrument process engineering prefer for Fleet Management System
3. Preferably has knowledge as a communication engineer especially for information technology
4. Preferably has knowledge of DNS, Firewalls, web and database servers
5. Good analytical skill
6. Good problem solving skill
7. Strong reporting and technical writing
8. Good customer service and team work
9. Fluent in English, both oral and written
10. Willing to be based on project sites and work in shift
11. Willing to provide 24/7 on-call production support and escalations for hardware, operating system or communication problems associated with system supported by group

1. Responsible for installation, testing, programming, and commissioning equipment associated with the FMS system, FMS hardware and the network system running well.
2. Conduct annual maintenance tasks associated with the FMS and assist station staff in FMS use and operation.
3. Investigate and analyze hardware, network and FMS system problems with instruments, sensors and carry out programming and configuration changes plus investigate and recommend system improvements with particular emphasis on energy efficiency.
4. Prepare and provide documentations for Jigsaw related to the installation, networking and troubleshooting
5. Coordinate and work together with Site electrician crew, Dispatcher and ICT Indika head office.
6. Design & Manage Wireless Radio Communication systems to support communication at entire site
7. Communicate and manage with vendor regarding maintain and support FMS system.


(Site Based)
Monitor and supervise production activities an effective fleet management system by analyse and investigate reason for failure to comply with productivity target using the selected system.

1. Min bachelor degree in Mining Engineering or foreman/supervisor with min 7 year experience
2. Min 2 (two) years of experience as a Mining Engineer especially for running Fleet Management System
3. Good understanding of Mining Business Processes
4. Good analytical skill & problem solving skill
5. Fluent in English, both oral and written
6. Strong reporting and technical writing
7. Good understanding of Mining Business Processes
8. Excellent computer skill in Microsoft environment and other related applications, especially in report preparation and presentation
9. Good customer service and team work
10. Willing to be based at the companys mine sites and work in shift


1. Assist in the deployment of the Fleet Management System
2. Undertake daily management of mine production information every shift and reporting systems
3. Maintain and update Fleet Management System based on mining progress
4. Deliver and implement daily or shift mine planning from engineering to operation production
5. Dispatch, monitor and supervise production activities an effective Fleet Management System and coordination with operation to achieve and improve production and productivity target
6. Review daily, weekly and monthly production & cost reports from the fleet management system to ensure the reports are free from errors
7. Analyse and investigate reasons for failure to comply with productivity target and dispatch instructions by operator or shift supervision and report all findings to supervisor operation in order to have appropriate solution.
8. Dispatch, monitor and supervise production activities every shift for an effective fleet management system and coordination with operation to achieve and improve productivity target to production efficiency.
9. Responsible for effective deployment of mining resources to safely and effectively execute mine plans within set production and safety targets, understanding the daily, weekly and monthly production targets
10. Ensure strong disciplinary procedures are enforced and followed consistently, assist to manage the operations manpower and make sure the right people are in the right places doing the right things.


(Kalimantan Based)

Monitor and supervise site Earthworks activities to ensure such activities are conducted in a safe and timely manner conform with quality of work is of a standard that optimises availability.

1. Work flexible hours to accommodate job requirements
2. Min. Diploma degree with 5 years experiences in engineering area
3. Good analytical and supervisory skills
4. Good communication in English
5. Possess broad knowledge in Earthworks system


1. Exercise, direct, and ensure a safe work environment in the work area at all times; and ensure all store business work processes and activities are all done in safe works practices.
2. Develop and follow JSAs for all tasks
3. Assist Project Engineer with the development of a work schedule including parts, materials and manpower to be incorporated in the short term detailed execution plans
4. Prepare and submit the regular report required by Project Controls to ensure report is submitted in timely manner.
5. Supervise Foremen activities to ensure work is technically correct and performed in a safe and cost effective manner
6. Examine and investigate all variances from target to avoid bigger lost in both cost and time consumed.
7. Monitor PM schedule implementation to ensure all PM scheduled work is completed in accordance with work instructions and schedules
8. Proactively identify defects and register them via work requests in order to have an appropriate and prompt action.
9. Diagnose failure symptoms and determine maintenance of Earthworks structures to effectively and efficiently rectify them
10. Develop and determine work procedure, work load balance, and also coordinate work unit with other unit.
11. Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements



(Kalimantan Based)
Managing all emergency precaution and able to act professionally when emergency occur. Responsible for administrating a sound and effective emergency prevention program. Supervise to ensure immediate act by ERT. He also must ensure day to day emergency preparation within the site is in correct manner. Direct, monitor and evaluate emergency response procedure. To coordinate the development, implementation and maintenance all emergency management program to prepare for and direct the actions in the event of an emergency.

1. Must possess required knowledge and be able to explain and demonstrate that the essential functions of the job can be performed.
2. At least from D-3 from relevant discipline with minimum 5 years progressively experience in emergency coordinator or crisis management.
3. Maintaining an established work schedule,
4. Effectively using interpersonal and communications skills.
5. Effectively using organizational and planning skills with attention to detail and follow through.
6. Application of regulatory requirements to ensure regulatory compliance
7. Applying technical expertise, experience, and judgment to plan and accomplish goals.
8. Using creativity and independent thought to resolve issues.
9. Maintaining confidentiality of work related information
10. Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships


1. An emergency coordinator maintains accurate and updated emergency strategies, coordinates internal activities related to crisis management and provides periodic updates to management.
2. The coordinator also communicates with peers, superiors and subordinates, solves difficult problems and makes decisions.
3. Responsibility for the setting the emergency direction and strategy.
4. Custodian of emergency Risk registers and POSB ER procedure.
5. Conducts assessments, reviews and self-inspections. Analyzes and interprets results, recommends appropriate corrective actions, communicates results and follows-up on issues or concerns until completion.
6. Develops, coordinates, facilitates and maintains crisis management policies and procedures, and ensuring adherence to the emergency management goals of: Protecting life, health, and safety; Securing and protecting facilities, property and equipment from loss; continuously assessing the effectiveness of the policies, procedures, activities and ERT structure and provide feedback for continuous improvements.
7. Reviews and updates programs, and procedures ensuring inclusion of any legislation update.
8. Utilizes best practices in emergency management and planning.
9. Reviews and investigates an emergency accident, compiling findings and recommendations for corrective actions into summary report.
10. Develops, implements, and coordinates emergency training. Prepare and deliver appropriate training to all ERT.
11. Works with all Managers to facilitate, implement, maintain and exercise an effective continuity plan that strives to reduce the possibility that operations will be interrupted in the event of a Emergency.
12. Provides technical knowledge on emergency preparedness and related issues, plans, and projects for implementation.
13. (if required) Assists with the design, development and implementation of emergencies preparedness plans and training programs, emergency drills, department level emergency and mitigation plans.
14. Actively assist the HSE Manager, Operation Manager, and Base Manager to communicate, both written and verbally, with senior management, supply base personnel and the various Clients to ensure an open and ethical work environment.
15. Routinely communicates emergency management preparedness measures to all employees.
16. Development and implementation of crisis management plans.
17. Best management practices in crisis management. Process/Procedures for interaction with professional leadership team during emergencies to lead with confidence, patience and integrity.
18. Methods used to management emergency response operations.
19. Develop skill on how to work positively in stressful situations, emergency exercise design, implementation and management, working with and local emergency officials.
20. Organize regularly meeting with all ERT.
21. Prepare and ensure availability of emergency equipment and not limited in Medevac, Confined space, Fire fighting, and oil spill equipment.
22. Carry out regular inspection to all facilities include ER equipment above and drills periodically.


(Kalimantan Based)
• To supervise & monitor loading & offloading of all materials over the jetty all berths
• Ensure that POSB – Bulk Transfer SOP is adhered to during transfer activities by all clients and contractors. Report any non-adherence to this SOP to an appropriate authority.
• To remain vigilant during all loading / offloading operations and identify potential hazards
• Liaise with POSB – Superintendents to ensure that all jetty activities run safe and smoothly


1. Ability to work extended hours to meet job objectives.
2. Must be available for on-call duty in emergency situations

1. Attend Pre Shift and HSE Meeting.
2. Carryout daily inspection on jetty, LMP, base oil, and bulk plants to ensure all areas are ready for safe operation.
3. Complete the Jetty Master Daily Report each and every shift
4. Identify any potential problems with the jetty infrastructure and report any such problem.
5. In conjunction with services providers decide the correct method of pumping.
6. Ensure that the housekeeping of the jetty, LMP, bulk plants are of the highest standard.
7. Monitoring all jetty activity
8. Ensure adherence to POSB Standard Operating Procedures and report any deviation to procedure to supervisor.
9. Identify and report any and all hazards
10. Maintain full compliance to POSB Waste Segregation Policy
11. Reduces energy consumption in area of responsibility by eliminating the unnecessary use of resources; water and power
12. Identify any environmental issues in area of area responsibility (regular audit schedule)


(Jakarta Based)

Coordinate, develop, deliver, and monitor the implementation of performance management program and personnel development including the process & KPI in term of supporting companys operation in achieving targeted goals.

1. Min Bachelor Degree in HR Management/Psychology
2. Min 4 (four) years of experience in HR position, especially in Organization Development area
3. Familiar with Performance Management concepts, system, and processes, especially in Mining Areas
4. Understanding and familiar with Balance Scorecard
5. Strong analytical thinking
6. Attention to details
7. Good communication skill with all levels
8. Fluent in English, both oral and written
9. Ability to maintain confidentiality of some HR information/documents
10. Willing to work beyond office hours as and when required


1. Discussion , generate and advisory user to review and ensure key performance indicators which have been created are align and relevant with business line strategic goals
2. Conduct a Performance Appraisal processes; performance contract, midterm review and end of year to ensure that the performance appraisal result are fair, objective and reliable for used as a basic for establish individual development plan and individual career plan.
3. Monitor and review existing Position Descriptions in order to propose of new revised/updated Position Descriptions that align with organizational staffing strategy.
4. Propose & working together with HC Manager to identify the Second In Control (2IC) on OGS division, prepare development plan guideline & ensure the IDP are properly carried out once its obtain management approval, and also establish and evaluate employees Individual Development Plan (especially for 2IC) to ensure that they are ready to carry out their future responsibility.
5. Lead and monitor the project of development of companys competencies
6. Implement HSE policies and programs in all activities of work area


(Assignment: Jakarta)
To create and develop a schedule of work activities for a Project which clearly shows the work breakdown structure, critical path activities, progress earned to date and programme to completion.

1. Knowledge of best practices in project control and scheduling
2. Ability to design and calculate cost of a project
3. Ability to establish policies and procedures.
4. Familiar with project management and project resources ( Labour, Material and Plant )
5. Ability to evaluate program effectiveness.
6. Ability to communicate effectively.
7. Ability to develop and maintain effective monitoring and control mechanism.
8. Knowledge of Primavera Project Planner ( P3 ) and associated software and demonstrated competence in producing effectively formatted schedules and reports
9. Min Bachelor Degree of Engineering
10. Min 3 years of experience as planner/scheduler

1. Develop procedure for design and construction project management scheduling, including coding, resources allocation and cost loading of design and construction schedules
2. Plan and organize work program; establish and monitor controls to evaluate unit performance; take appropriate action to correct performance and to adjust programs to meet requirements
3. Analyze and interpret schedules prepared by outside consultants and contractors, merger them into a single composite master schedule, which is summarized, as required, for various levels of use
4. Establish and maintain effective means of coordinating unit plans and schedule with other organization units; report delays and problem promptly and take appropriate actions to maintain effective coordination of activities; ensure that unit activities do not conflict with organization goals
5. Assist in the analysis of claim, utilizing schedule information and capabilities of the scheduling system to provide accurate picture of project activities events
6. Develop plans to meet unexpected situation, new developments and changes in the business environment; prepare for emergencies; anticipate events; understand the factors and conditions effecting the organization and respond appropriate when these change


(Site Based)

Deploy and maintain the companys mining technology and systems to enable the Mining Business Line to achieve its plan.

1. Min Bachelor degree preferably in Mining Engineering
2. Min 4 (four) years previous experience as a Mining Engineer preferably with experience running Fleet Management system
3. Good Analytical skills and Problem Solving skills
4. Excellent in communication skill with English and Indonesian, verbal and written
5. Attention to details
6. Strong reporting and technical writing skill
7. Good understanding of Mining Business Processes
8. Willing to be based at the companys mine sites and work in shift
9. Good customer service and team work
10. Must be proficient in Excel, Power Point, Report Preparation and Presentation skill


1. Assist in the deployment of the companies selected fleet management system
2. Train site team members in the use of the fleet management system and train supervisors in pit control operations, as required
3. Provide leadership and direction to the site engineers and management by establishing clear deliverables through goal setting and clear lines of accountability.
4. Undertake daily management of Mine Production Information and reporting systems
5. Work closely with ICT department and vendors to ensure system issues are resolved in a timely fashion
6. Develop processes and procedures to help manage the fleet management system
7. Review daily, weekly and monthly production & cost reports from the fleet management system to ensure the reports are free from errors
8. Supervise and develop Petrobase team at site
9. Coordinate with asset department to schedule calibration of payload system for dump truck or calibrate payload system that error
10. Conduct improvement on the fleet management to improve productivity, reduce cost and increase utilization

We offer our staff a challenging and innovative work environment. An attractive salary package will be negotiated to ensure a high calibre appointment.

To apply for this position, please send your application together with a detailed resume including recent color photograph, and quoting in email subject to [email protected] in Microsoft Word or PDF format with a file size not more than 350kb, not later than 29 September 2014. adalah platform media komunitas. Setiap penulis bertanggungjawab atas tulisannya masing-masing.

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